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5 Styling Tips To Help You Sell Your Home

How you should prepare your home to ensure that you achieve the maximum sale price possible.

New homes are often ‘shown off’ by the estate agent’s ‘show home’, all set and dressed for you to be-able to imagine yourself living there. Carefully chosen furniture, cushions, candles and lamps are placed strategically to enhance the properties best features which make it feel like home.

There is often a ‘glossy’ magazine style brochure with professional photography for you to take away from the viewing, this leaves you with lovely images to view when you get home and a lovely luxurious magazine to remind you of how you felt inside your potential new home.

We believe that staging, styling and the photography are key ingredients when selling ANY home, not just a new home. You need your potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves living in your home, with their belongings, considering how they would make it their own and them making it their future home.

I have recently staged and styled my own property for sale, here are my top five tips for you to get started.

1. Have a sort out, throw out and tidy up

I approached this room by room, starting with my teenagers’ rooms. We started with a wardrobe sort out and with the promise of a couple of new items each this went down quite well. We sorted into three piles, Charity shop, sell on eBay or not good enough for either so bin. We then boxed up and labelled most of the personal items, sports medals, trophies and picture boards ready for their new home.

I then sorted out the unit/cupboard that everyone dreads, the place where if it doesn’t have a home it finds one in the dining room unit. Most of this went in the bin, old birthday candles, serviettes which have seen better days and items collected from hotels across the years which you never needed in the first place.

Tackle one room at a time, if you haven’t used an item for over 12 months question whether it really needs to come with you. Try to clear surfaces as much as you can

Imagine having to pack, unpack and find a new home for it, if this fills you with dread it’s time to recycle, or sell it. We recycled an electric knife sharpener, an industrial sized colander and some old dining room chairs that we had kept just in case!

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2. Spring clean

Unleash the Hinch in you! Whilst you are emptying the drawers under the bed, pull it out and give the skirting boards a treat. I discovered pj’s my daughter had forgotten about under her bed and lost lipsticks behind a storage unit. Clean out the cupboards you have sorted and give the windows a treat. You will feel a sense of achievement as you move through the rooms, and your home will be on its way to being ready for photographs and subsequent viewings. You should consider at this point whether there are any smells that you may have got use to lingering in your home. Ask a trusted friend or relative their honest opinion as you may have got use to smells which may well put off your potential buyer.

We have a cat, the honest opinion from the mother-in-law was that no smell was obvious, however we have installed two Air Wick Freshmatic’s to ensure that any lingering smells are not noticeable.

VIDEO: 5 Cleaning Tips To Help You Sell Your Home

3. Do the DIY which has been on the list for ever – or get a handy man or woman in

Unless you are super organised and have loads of spare time on your hands, there will undoubtedly be those niggling DIY jobs which never get done. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and crack on, make a list of any items you need from B & Q and set aside a day or two to get through the list. Some of things you might want to take a look at include:

  • Re-sealing the bath to give it a shiny, clean finish
  • Re-grouting the kitchen sink
  • A fresh coat of paint in the hall where everyone walks past
  • Tidy any loose wires neatly
  • Hire the Rug Doctor to freshen up your carpets or get a professional in

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4. Get inspired and invest a little

Remember the show home analogy? – it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to show your home in its best light. If you need inspiration, like me, visit some show homes or buy a home magazine and learn how the professionals do it. Many of the magazines show you how to create a certain look on a budget.

Work room by room and make a list of what you need for each one to give them a ‘wow’ factor. You might be able to use items you already have in different parts of the house: lamps, throws, cushions and then maybe a flower arrangement or two. Fresh flowers are beautiful and should be used for the photoshoot of your home, but it can be expensive to have these for every viewing.

Matalan and Dunelm Mill are a good choice for adding a new cushion here and there and it won’t break the bank.

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5. Don’t forget outside

You will hear lots of people talk about ‘kerb appeal’, this relates to the impression that your home gives on the street, how its makes someone feel as they are walking up the path or driveway and the lasting impression as they leave, some basics to help you achieve the positive feelings you want your buyer to experience:

• Give your front door a clean and if necessary, a lick of paint
• Check your doorbell is working – nothing worse than someone not being able to get in!
• Does your house have a number or name? Make sure it is clearly visible, you don’t want your buyers having to potentially wander up and down looking for the right house
• Jet wash your path or driveway – if you haven’t got a machine, I am sure a neighbour would oblige

Plant up a hanging basket or pot and place near the front door, even in the winter it is nice to be greeted with a winter pansy or two. Make sure you back garden is neat and tidy, clean any garden furniture which has been hanging around all winter and if you are lucky enough for a bright day put out the cushions and make the garden seem like an extension of your home.

VIDEO: 5 Garden Tips To Help You Sell Your Home 

Next Steps

When the day of your photographs arrives, make sure your estate agent has booked a professional to take the pictures, the internet is your homes shop front don’t forget. Always ask what happens if you are not blessed with the best of weather, you should insist that at least the outside pictures should be taken when the weather is dry, no-one wants to look at your beautiful garden on a wet picture.

Try to ensure your home is as ready as it can be, the photographer and your estate agent will be on hand to position furniture to get the best shots, but where possible all items you don’t want to be in the pictures should be put away or boxed up so they can easily move from room to room.

Once your home is live and the viewings are about to start try to get the kids to keep on top of their rooms, and your new cushions and throws are to hand. You don’t want to be in a total panic when the phone rings for that all important first viewing.

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