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7 Tips To Sell Your Home Faster This Spring

I am often asked by clients how they should prepare their home for sale to give them the best possible chance of selling quickly and for the highest price…

Here are my top 7 tips to prepare your home this spring…

  1. Declutter – firstly have a really good look around your home and decide what you are not likely to be taking with you to your new home and make two piles, one for the charity shop and one for the tip. The loft is a really good place to start and sometimes the worst room in the house for storing items you are never likely to use again. It is also worthwhile slimming down the number of family photographs and ornaments, you want potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves in your home.
  2. Freshen up – once you have decluttered your home will need a deep clean, skirting boards, dado rails and behind the sofa will all need that Mrs Hinch touch! Make sure you don’t forget the windows; you want your viewers to be able to see in and out, so make them sparkle and shine. If you have rooms that are in your favourite colour but perhaps may close the room in or is not everyone’s taste, consider toning them down to a pale pastel colour, maybe a little boring but will appeal to more people and the aim is to sell your home.
  3. First impressions – potential purchasers are said to make their mind up about purchasing a property within the first 20 seconds of the viewing so making a good first impression is vitally important. Clean the front door and even consider a fresh coat of paint. Sweep the paths and collect any leaves, jet wash the drive, patio and decking, tidy up your front borders and cut the grass if you can. A few pots planted up with some colourful plants will brighten up any dull day and give a warm welcome to your viewers. Ensure that your hallway is clear of coats and shoes, to make sure it’s bright and light and doesn’t feel narrow and dark. The entrance is so important to start the viewing on a positive note. If possible, take your car off the drive, if you have one, so that your viewers have somewhere to park, if parking is an issue try to ensure this is not the first thing that they encounter.
  4. The scent of spring – it is vitally important that you ask a trusted friend or relative to be honest with you about whether there is something that is giving your home a particular odour as it can be slightly off putting to viewers. We all love our furry friends but sometimes we become immune to them maybe giving our home a smell which is not so pleasant to those that are not use to it. Make sure that you put all pet paraphernalia away and out of site such as dog beds and bowls and that you open the windows and let the spring air in. Organise some plug-in air fresheners and light some candles – all will help to give a fresh fragrance but try not to go overboard with the air freshener as this can sometimes be over-powering.
  5. Stage and Style – take a look at some new build home developments and how they stage and style their show homes.  I am not saying go out and spend £1000,s but if your bedding is looking past its best and perhaps Peppa Pig is a bit faded, invest in some plain white bedding, either cheap as chips to dispose of afterwards or think of it as an investment for your new home.  Add a throw or two and some cushions and it will transform your bedroom into somewhere your viewers can imagine themselves. Take away the clutter from the fireplace and add a candle, remove the paperwork from the kitchen worktop and tidy away any teenagers’ photographs from night outs. If in doubt buy a gorgeous bouquet of flowers which will brighten up any room.
  6. Some quick tips for each room of the house to try and give your viewers a fantastic first impression:
    • Clean your front door and porch if you have one
    • Tidy up the garden and invest in a couple of pots with some spring colour
    • Kitchen – clear the work surfaces and re-grout the kitchen sink, clean cupboard fronts and leave some baking (can be shop bought) in a cake stand to welcome your viewers, don’t have a fry up or a curry before viewings.
    • Bathroom – re grout and re silicon, put out some fluffy towels and soaps and ensure that everyone is sparkly clean.  Always ensure there is a candle burning for a pleasant smell
    • Living room – put away any clutter and leave a bunch of roses on the fireplace
    • Bedrooms – ensure all beds are made with fresh bedding where possible, open the windows to make sure they are well aired and tidy away the bedside cabinets
  7. Ensure that your agent has briefed their team and arranged for them all to visit your home so that they know how all the appliances and gadgets work so they can show your potential buyers, plus all the boring information such as how old the boiler is and whether the loft is boarded. Key items your agent should have with them when conducting a viewing:
    • Overshoes to protect your carpet
    • Glossy brochure to give to your viewers
    • Feedback cards
    • Viewing plan and notes

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