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What does an estate agent do in a typical day?

What exactly do estate agents do?  How do estate agents earn their commission?  Why are estate agents so busy?  How do estate agents spend their day?

You may have asked yourself any of these questions, particularly if you are considering selling your house.  Your estate agent earns their living by typically charging you a percentage commission on the sale price of your home, so it’s important that you understand exactly what they are doing to help sell your house.

It’s a complete myth that estate agents earn an easy living… in actual fact it’s the polar opposite – most estate agents (particularly independents) work every hour under the sun to earn a pretty average living, and probably work weekends and evenings too.

Moreover, there is no such thing as a ‘typical day’ for an estate agent – it’s a difficult and varied job.

Here are some of the things that an agent might do in a day: –


  • Deal with phone enquiries and emails

Estate agents’ phones never stop ringing and it can be anything from an offer, to a solicitor enquiry or, heaven forbid, a sale falling through.  Estate agents must be prepared to deal with anything at any time.  Their job is to remain calm and deal with calls and emails efficiently and professionally.


  • Viewings

Every viewing is potentially a sale in the making, and is ideally done by the estate agent themselves, or a knowledgeable member of the team.  The estate agent knows exactly how to conduct viewings in a way that ‘wets the viewer’s appetite’, without being too pushy.  Viewings are often booked well into the evening, and even over weekends, keeping agents busy all week.


  • Build a rapport with clients

Every day, estate agents chat with clients, viewers, vendors, buyers, solicitors, landlords, tenants and the general public.  A large proportion of their time is taken up with simply building relationships with people at all levels – this is important as good communication is the key to a good business.


  • Update all website details

Details must be added and amended every time there is a new property or a change in any details.  Not only does the agent have to upload new properties onto their own website, but also onto other national sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla.


  • Paperwork / admin

Paperwork and administration is also an important part of their day, with solicitor’s letters to send, accounts to balance, brochures to produce and so on.  Most solicitor correspondence is still done by post rather than email – the old-fashioned way.


  • Check on the progress of every sale

Any good estate agent will spend a large proportion of their time ‘babysitting’ any sales that are progressing and ensuring that they are running smoothly.  It’s in their interest to ensure any problems are dealt with quickly and professionally.  They will liaise with solicitors, vendors, purchasers, other estate agents, surveyors and anyone else to ensure a sale completes.


  • Check up on lettings agreements

If the agency also deals with rental properties, the estate agent will also check up on any tenancies and iron out any problems before they become more of an issue.  The agent is the first point of contact for any client.


  • Sell houses!

Any good agent is not only an expert at selling property, but also an expert at selling their brand and themselves as a professional.  An estate agent never really ‘switches off’ from their job, particularly if they are an independent local agent who integrates with the community.

Back to selling houses….they are the experts and know precisely how to maximise your chances of a house sale at the right price.  That’s their job!


  • Inform potential buyers of new properties

The agency will keep an up-to-date database of anyone seeking property and will proactively attempt to match clients with a suitable home.


  • Negotiating offers

Negotiating an offer, however low or cheeky, is what makes a good agent tick.  This is what us agents live for – we love to please our clients and it’s in our interest to try and turn any low offer into a good one.  Some negotiations can go on for days, or even weeks, so estate agents are skilled in knowing exactly when to ‘push’ and when to ‘sit back’ and let people stew.  Numerous phone calls and emails are exchanged every day behind the scenes.


  • Give advice and offer support

Something that is often overlooked, but so important nevertheless, is the advice and emotional support that estate agents offer their clients.  Not every sale runs smoothly and if things go wrong it can become stressful and worrying.  Estate agents are there to offer a shoulder to cry on when you need it most.  They spend a lot of time ‘putting things into perspective’ for clients and generally keeping them motivated and positive.


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