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How can I create more storage in my home?


Storage solutions you will love


Do you need more storage in your home?  Are you struggling for storage space in your home?  How can I add more storage to my home?  Where can I store my clutter in my home?  How can I make my home less cluttered?

We all have those days when we look at our house and wonder how we manage to gather so much clutter and junk!  Some days, every worktop and surface appears to be covered in piles of bits and bobs, letters, and other ‘stuff’ that has no apparent home.

Have you ever visited someone’s house which is immaculate and uncluttered and wondered how they manage it?!!  I know I have.

Storage is one of the most important attributes in a home – and we love nothing more than having special places where we can tidily store our belongings.

When selling, viewers love nothing more than innovative storage solutions – they love being able to visualise their ‘stuff’ in special designated spaces.


We have put together a list of built-in storage ideas for your home: –


Loft room storage / vaulted ceilings

Does your home have a converted loft room or vaulted ceilings?  If so, it’s possible to have bespoke built-in storage designed to blend in with the shape of the room and the ceiling.  There are well-known national companies that specialise in this, for example, Sharps Bedrooms.  Alternatively, you may know a recommended local joiner who could build it for you.  If done properly, these cupboards/wardrobes can look amazing, fitting in with old beams and keeping with the integrity and character of the room.

Built-in wardrobes look a million times better than free-standing wardrobes in a loft room, simply because they fit with the shape of the walls and ceiling.

If it’s a living area, you may decide on some built-in book shelves, cupboards or open box-shelving where ornaments and photographs can be displayed.


Storage around windows or chimney breasts

You may think smaller rooms with radiators, doors or windows that get in the way of building storage are a lost cause?  Wrong!  Some of the most attractive and useful storage solutions we have seen have been built around such features.  It’s possible to build attractive storage around a window or door, such as book-shelving, or even wardrobes.  Chimney breasts are an ideal area to add storage in a bedroom or living room, by building shelving or cupboards into the recesses either side – ideal for keeping all your books or DVD’s in a living room.

Depending on what you want to store, the design could be open shelving or closed cupboards.  Open shelving is great for showing off photos, ornaments etc, whereas closed cupboards are perfect for hiding away the ‘clutter’ that is best not seen, such as board games, paperwork and so on.

If you want your storage to look even better, frosted glass doors could be used.


Storage under the stairs

This underrated area under the stairs can often end up as a bit of a dumping ground for shoes, coats, ironing board, hoover and other ‘homeless’ items, especially as the space goes right back under the stairs and it sometimes not easy to access.  Things can get forgotten for years back there!

Why not convert this cupboard into a bespoke cloakroom?  It’s possible to have drawers or pull-out storage built in which maximises the full depth of the inaccessible bit under the stairs.  This way, you have designated areas for hats/gloves/ shoes/coats/scarves – plus it’s great when you have visitors too.

If you really want to go to town on storage, have a look at some of the bespoke under-stairs storage solutions on Google – they are truly amazing.


Maximise kitchen storage

Are you thinking of renewing your current kitchen, or adding units to it?  If so, have you ever considered full-height units (floor to ceiling)?  So much space is wasted above the wall units in your average kitchen, it seems such a shame.

Ask your kitchen designer about the possibility of floor to ceiling units.


Under floor storage

If you have space between your floorboards and the foundations of the building, it’s possible to have storage built in under the floor.  This would be useful to store things that you only use every now and then, but nevertheless, another potential storage space that is often overlooked.


There are so many nooks and crannies in every property that don’t get used, yet we are all still drowning in our own clutter!

We hope this article has inspired you to rethink your home storage – and remember, if you are selling, your viewers will love any storage solutions too.

Perhaps you have some storage tips or ideas of your own?  We would love to hear about them – or send us a photo.  Would you like some free advice on possible storage solutions in your home?  We are always happy to chat about property 😊

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