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Your countdown to moving home

Use our checklist to take the stress out of moving

Are you moving-house? What should I do now that my offer has been accepted? What happens once your offer has been accepted on a property? Don’t ignore this brilliant moving-house checklist……

Congratulations! I’m guessing if you are reading this blog, then you have probably had an offer accepted on a property which hopefully means an exciting new future in your new home.
Even if you are simply ‘thinking’ about moving home at the moment, you may still find this blog a useful read.
So, first things first, if you haven’t already done so, appoint a solicitor to manage your purchase (and sale too if you were already a house owner). It’s worth getting some recommendations for a good solicitor as they are the key to a smooth transaction.
Keep in regular contact with your solicitor and your estate agent as they will both guide you through the moving-house process.
Here is our MOVING HOME CHECKLIST to help you stay organised and keep things running like clockwork:

8 weeks before moving
• Create a moving-house folder for all your paperwork/letters/invoices etc. Keeping it all in one place will save you time.
• Research removals companies and get them to visit your home for a free quote. It’s worth getting a couple of companies to visit as their prices/services might vary.
• Start negotiating a ‘rough’ moving date with the other parties in your chain. It may seem early, but if you ask your solicitor to find out a rough idea of when everyone hopes to move, it gives you all a date to aim for. It saves any last-minute surprises!

6 weeks before moving
• Start researching your new area if you are moving away from your home town. You could begin to investigate schools/doctors/dentists/supermarkets and so on. This will save you time later when the stress starts to ‘crank up’ as you move-house.
• Declutter your house – if you haven’t already had a clear-out, why not start now. It makes sense to start packing away any ornaments or things you don’t use on a daily basis. Ask your removals company for some boxes in advance and start the packing process. While you’re packing, you can also throw away any unwanted junk and send some things to local charity shops too.

4 weeks before moving
• Start arranging service transfers such as your TV provider, landline, broadband etc. If you give them notice now, they will be able to transfer the service to your new address without having any break (particularly important if you use the phone and broadband to work from home).
• Energy suppliers – you may want to do some research to find out which are the cheapest and best providers in your new area, or you may want to stay with the same company you are currently with and simply transfer your account to your new address. Either way, start planning now.
• Book your pets into a kennels/cattery so they are not under your feet on moving day. If you have other animals, such as rabbits or guinea pigs, for example, arrange for a relative or friend to have them for a few days.
• Arrange childcare for the whole moving day, and possibly into the evening too (or overnight) if they are very young. Moving day can be stressful and very tiring, so ensure you have the time and space to get yourself sorted in your new home.
• Pack some more boxes!

2 weeks before moving
• Change of address – make sure all your contacts (finances/bills/energy suppliers etc) are aware of your new address. Sometimes it’s easier to pay for a ‘mail forwarding’ service for a couple of months after the move just to ensure you haven’t missed anyone important off your list, and for your own peace of mind.
• Settle all your local accounts if you are changing area, such as the milkman or newsagent and return library books.
• Start a folder for the new owners and include anything they might need, such as warranties, boiler paperwork, alarm information, appliance receipts/insurances, instructions, bin days, useful information, and so on. Don’t forget to include spare keys for the doors and windows/shed/summer house.
• Let all your friends know your new address by sending cards and a moving date.
• Start to use up your freezer food! This may sound a bit petty, but a full freezer of food can be worth hundreds of pounds.
• Pack more boxes!

The day before the move
• Get cleaning box ready for the new house – so you can clean and hoover quickly while the house is empty and before the removals men bring your boxes in.
• Label all your boxes with the room that you want them to be deposited in (in the new house). Label the top of the box and also each side as you don’t know which side of the box will be visible – this saves masses of time and energy at the other end.
• Get a ‘moving box’ ready so you can keep all the important stuff together. Include kettle, tea, coffee, sugar, milk, washing up liquid, cleaning products, snacks, hand gel, antibacterial wipes, list of important phone numbers, important paperwork and whatever else you think you might need to hand.

Moving day!
• Keep your ‘moving box’ to hand and make sure it doesn’t get packed away into the van!
• Clean and hoover your house once it has been emptied so it’s ready for the new owners. Some people leave a bunch of flowers or a bottle of wine as a welcome gift – a lovely touch for when they arrive.
• Check the house thoroughly for any missed belongings – particularly if you are moving to a different part of the country.
• Check all the windows are closed and lock the doors before taking the keys to your estate agent (who will then hand them over to the new owners).
• Collect the keys for your new property from either the estate agent or solicitor, or whoever you have arranged to meet.
• Get a take-out on your first night in your new home as you won’t be in the mood to cook, and even if you are, you might not be able to find a pan!!
• Get an early night – don’t stay up too late trying to get everything sorted. It’s a long day and you need a good sleep, so you can wake up refreshed and properly tackle those boxes.

The next day………Day 1 in your new home
• Say hi to your new neighbours as it’s good to make contact straight away – you never know when you might need to borrow some sugar.
• Unpack methodically and put any unpacked boxes into the corner of rooms, or even into the attic if they contain things that are not yet needed.
• Give spare keys to friend/relative just in case you lose your set.
• Finally………….enjoy your new home!

We hope this list will help to take some of the stress out of the ‘moving home’ process. You may want to add some of your own points to the list, but at least we have covered the basics.
It may not be easy but try to stay calm; most house moves run smoothly and it’s very rare that things go badly wrong. Tell yourself that you will be in your new house very soon and imagine how exciting it will be.

Do you have any of your own moving-house tips that you can share with us? Do you have any interesting or funny ‘house move’ stories? Perhaps you had a moving nightmare? What happened and did everything work out in the end? We would love to hear from you……

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