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Do brochures sell homes?

We can all recognise the old style ‘particulars’ (brochures) which were often kept in the filing cabinet alongside the property folder in the estate agents office. These were often A4 sheets of paper printed off the agents system with some sketchy details a few dozen times making the pictures look more and more distorted as it took longer and longer to sell.

In today’s world we can download a brochure off Rightmove or call the agent selling the house to send us a hard copy but these ‘brochures’ vary greatly in quality.  If the property you are viewing or the one you are selling is being marketed by one of the ‘better’ agents you should have a gorgeous brochure of your home. It should contain beautiful photography and be printed on high quality card which shows off your home to its true potential.  There should also be a floor plan which is clear and a fantastic description describing your home and the lifestyle it brings.

Your home should be displayed in a brochure which matches those of the best hotels, high end boutiques, status watches and sports cars.  This is not a set of particulars it’s a brochure featuring your greatest asset and one which is worth many times more than those items listed above.

The brochure should sell the lifestyle of the property and not just the bricks and mortar. It should tell a story about the house that potential viewers want to read again and again, show their friends and family and entice them to want to view.

On Occasion we look at property ‘brochures’ in despair

We see some amazing properties which are just not marketed to their potential.  The brochure is poorly presented either directly from the agents ‘management’ system or printed out on A4 paper from the office printer.  One of the most important aspects to demonstrate the properties character and entice the reader are the photographs.  They are often very poorly taken producing dark and dull pictures.  The descriptions often only describe the physical aspects of the house and not what it’s like to actually live there.

If the estate agent does not care enough to make an effort with the marketing to present the house as a showpiece and the seller does not either, we cannot expect a buyer to see it as their dream home either.

If you are selling a family home or a unique property your brochure needs care and attention.  Your home will be packed full of features, maybe a fantastic garden or orangery or even some traditional features such as beams, these features need highlighting in a brochure to grab a buyers attention to make them want to book a viewing.

We hear some objections to brochures and that they can over sell a property, if you set expectations low, viewers are more likely to be bowled over on the viewing.  However each buyer views on average 12-15 properties before making an offer and therefore your house really needs to make a great impression and be remembered.

Unique homes need unique brochures.

The best way to get someone to appreciate your home is to  get them to keep looking at your beautiful brochure highlighting all the stunning features and unique points and then book a viewing. If you are lucky enough to have a unique home you want someone to be compelled enough to call and book a viewing, your brochure needs to be of the quality and calibre of the property it is portraying.

We believe that a physical quality brochure lead to more and better quality viewings. Although many peoples property search begins on line it is very hard to bring the house to life online. A brochure with warm inspiring photography and personalised descriptions which you can hold and feel is far better than staring at information on a phone or laptop.


We recently had cause to call an estate agent in Romiley to ask her to send us a client’s property brochure. “Sorry madam we don’t send out hard copies,” she responded. “It is available on line,” she pointed out.

“But I don’t have a printer,” I pleaded (a little white lie, I admit).

“Okay,” she relinquished “just this once”. True to her word as a massive favour to whom she thought was a prospective buyer, she printed a copy off the internet and actually posted it to me.  The brochure when it arrived was merely a copy of a system generated standard brochure, which looked very similar to all the other properties the agent was selling.

If you are trying to sell your house, and viewers are not exactly beating a path to your door try this little exercise: call your agent, posing as a buyer, and ask for your own property brochure to be sent to you. See what happens, but we warn you, you may find the response disappointing.

We’d be interested to hear our Romiley agent explain to Audi, Argos or Next that physical paper marketing does not work. They may disagree with her.. We certainly do.

Maybe we’re just a little bit old-fashioned. But, then, there are a lot of us around, and some of us buy houses.

If you’d like to take a look at some of our beautiful bespoke brochures, we’d be happy to send a sample drop us a line 0161 871 7071 and we’ll run to the post box with them.


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