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Downsizing – We won’t find anything we want to move to…..

Downsizing from a home in which you have potentially lived for many years can be such a difficult decision.  Precious memories of bringing up a family, priceless treasures from holidays, special keepsakes from friends and family scattered throughout your home, all nostalgic chapters in the story that is ‘you’.

One of the key questions a number of our clients are concerned with is just where they will move to.

Downsizing might be on your agenda for a number of reasons:

  • The children have flown the nest, leaving you with too many rooms to heat
  • Relatives who have previously lived with you have now moved on
  • Retirement beckons and you would like to release some equity in order to enjoy the next stage of your life
  • Location, location, location! As well as the size, your home is not in the right location – maybe you need to move into the village from the top of the hill!
  • Practicality – living in a 20th Century barn can cost a lot in heating and maintenance bills, perhaps you would like to move to a newer property
  • Levelling out – is a move to a one-storey property, such as bungalow or ground floor flat, on the cards in preparation for the future?

Few people have a crystal clear picture of where and what they would like to move to, and the uncertainty of whether or not there is a house out there that feels like ‘home’ can cause a natural sense of anxiety.

Last year, we had a client who was very clear about the fact that she needed to move. It was time for her to downsize from her current three bedroomed semi-detached extended home with garden, garage and driveway. This was the home where she had lived for the past 40 years, the home in which she had brought up her children. Now in their mid-70s, the maintenance of the house and garden was becoming too much for her and her husband and she was keen not to leave it ‘too late’ wherein a move would be impossible.

After four visits, our client finally felt ready and made the decision to market her house. She had viewed a few properties in the area with ourselves and other agents in a bid to understand how she could make another house a home.  We held Margaret’s hand throughout the whole process, helped her with her property search and we were always on hand whilst the sale and purchase were made.

The help you may need…

Making the decision to market your home is not an easy one; your agent should be on hand to answer all your questions and you should not feel pressurised into going to market before you feel ready.

Try to view a small selection of properties, it is a good idea to try and see if you can imagine making one of them your home.  Don’t be concerned about putting the owner out, simply be honest with the agent selling the house as to why you are viewing. If the agent does the viewing themselves they can often arrange a viewing next to another so as not to inconvenience the owner.

We are also on hand to offer impartial advice on any property that you may be interested in making an offer on.  We will happily carry out the necessary behind the scenes research for you and provide advice on offers if you need it.


What a good agent will offer

A good agent should be conducting the viewings for you, once you have decided to sell.  Having made the difficult decision to sell, the last thing you want to do is rake up emotions by talking to your home’s potential new suitors about why you are moving.  Your agent can take it upon themselves to tell a viewer honestly why you are looking to move on and, often, viewers feel more comfortable if the owner isn’t present, as they can have a good look around the house and ask all their questions without being embarrassed. The agent can also get to know the buyer, what else are they looking at, what their budget is, along with some instant feedback following the viewing.  Good agents will use feedback cards which are then left for the vendor.  Meeting the buyers can also help agents with negotiations on an offer.

Further down the line, as you progress and sell your home we can also assist with selecting a solicitor, removals, cleaning companies and pet sitters whilst you move if necessary.

When downsizing it is important to select an estate agent who will understand the emotional element to such a move. With this in mind, when initially selecting your estate agent you should ask what happens when you have a buyer. Is there someone dedicated to progressing your sale in the office? Will you be sent to a central office who only deal with progression via a call centre or are you sent directly to a call centre?

A good agent will always assign you a dedicated member of staff to deal with your sale, someone you can call into the office and have a coffee and a chat with, someone who knows your buyer and your property.  A good agent will also be monitoring your sale on a weekly basis, and keep you informed of progress.

If you are thinking of downsizing and need a chat please give us a call and I will come and see you, 0161 871 7071 or drop me a line at annabellejardine-jones@onthemove.net.





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