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Five steps to the perfect viewing

Are you currently on the market trying to sell your home? Or are you thinking of selling?

You may be worried about having strangers wandering around your home, poking in your cupboards and looking what’s in your fridge….well we are here to reassure you that the viewings don’t have to be a nightmare or stressful.

Follow these five steps to make your viewings enjoyable and hopefully successful!


1) Be ready early – in our experience most viewers arrive to sales viewings early, they have come to look at the area and arrive 5/10 minutes before the viewing time maybe to catch you before you have ran round with the hoover.

2) Have a plan of where you are going to take the viewers, sometimes they start to wander off so its always good to be in control, don’t let them amble around the house on their own. You want to tell them all the wonderful nougats about each and every room

3) Give your front door a clean, I cannot remember the last time my front door was treated to wash down, it’s the one area that you do not see all day so it often gets forgotten. Pop a nice pot of brightly coloured plants by the step this will give your viewers a fantastic welcome and get you off on the right foot.

4) Try to make sure you have time to put away any clutter, stray clothes and any pet bowls and beds. You want to present your home in such a way that your viewers can see imagine themselves living in your home with their own clutter and not yours. Try to resist throwing everything into the cupboard or wardrobes as it may all fall out on top of your viewer when they ask to see inside!

5) Have a brochure ready to give to your viewers at the end of the viewing, its good to have something for them to takeaway so they can remember your home. They are likely to be viewing more than one property and you want yours to be the one they want to come back too.


Have you seen our individually designed brochures? do you think your home deserves one of these? We think the brochure should show off your home in a way that a new home would be sold. Our brochures also have professionally taken photographs, full colour floorplan and a description which our copywriter has created for you.


Here at On The Move we fully accompany all of our viewings and believe this helps to sell your home quicker.

We get to know your home in great detail using our viewing notes that you have completed for us to make sure we know all the little details such as which way the sun rises and sets to when your boiler was last serviced. Most viewers prefer it if you are not home so that they can feel comfortable whilst they are trying to imagine themselves living there. We always allow at least 30 minutes for a first viewing and an hour for a second.

We love our viewings here at On The Move as it gives us the chance to meet lots of lovely people, find out what they are looking for, what else they have viewed and how much they love your home.
We also prefer to meet people we are about to negotiate with, sometimes viewers tell us how much they have to have the house and this gives us a clue that they will probably pay a good price!

If you are looking for someone to do your viewings or need some help getting ready to show your home give us a call 0161 871 7071 or drop me a line at annabellejardine-jones@onthemove.net, Or you are looking for styling tips for your home please read my blog here.

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