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Home Office or Garden Room?

Which is best for me?


Do you work from home?  Which room is best as a home office?  Should I have a home office or a garden room office?  Where is the best place to locate a home office?  Does a garden room make a good office?  What should I consider?

Perhaps you run a small business from your home, or maybe your 9–5 job is more like a 9–9 and you find yourself working more and more at home.  It’s not always easy to concentrate at home, especially if you have children or pets interrupting you every few minutes.  You may feel that you need a dedicated work space so you can work more efficiently, which hopefully leads to more time with the family.

But where is the best place to locate your home office?

Firstly, do you have the room?  Are you lucky enough to have a spare room which can be turned into a home office?  If so, is the room suitable for the job?  It’s important that any home office is quiet and away from the hustle and bustle of family life.  If the office will be visited by clients, it should be on the ground floor close to the entrance.  If it’s purely to be used to hide away and spend time on a laptop, then an attic conversion could be the answer.

You may also need to consider which mains services you need, for example, will your office need internet access?  Do you use any specialist equipment that needs extra plug sockets or even other services such as water?

Maybe you simply require an area, for example, a landing or alcove that can be set up with a computer desk and some shelving.

Another idea is to use the spare room, but keep it as a multi-functional room.  You may have a computer desk and shelving at one end, but a sofa-bed for occasional guest use at the other end.  This way the room has the flexibility to suit more than one purpose; it can easily be turned into a bedroom at short notice.

A garden room office…

With space inside the home at a premium, there is always the option of building a garden office; a place where it’s possible to go and work without being interrupted by other family members.

If the garden room is purely for office purposes, and not an actual dwelling (with a bed, sink, toilet etc), then planning permission is not required as it can be built under the ‘permitted development rights’.  It must not be in front of the main property, and must be single storey with a maximum eaves height of 2.5m.

Before you consider building a garden office, we recommend you check out the following websites www.planningportal.co.uk  or  www.gov.uk and look up ‘permitted development’.

There are other things to consider when building a garden office, for example, do you have the necessary services such as electricity, water and internet access?  If you are planning to use the office all year round it will need to be properly constructed with insulation and heating in order to withstand our very changeable weather!

Having said all that, a garden office can be a wonderful space if done properly, and is a great way to separate work from home life. If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful garden to look out over, that’s a bonus too.  What could be better than a designated quiet space with a garden view?

A garden office will also add value to your property, so you can’t really lose.

Are you considering a garden office?  Are you wondering where the best place is to locate your home office?  Would you like some free and unbiased advice on where to locate an office in your home?

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