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Home Staging – will it help to sell my house?

Are you thinking of selling your property soon?  Have you considered a professional home stager to help sell your property?  Does professional home staging add value to a property?  How do I choose a good home stager?

Home staging is a growing trend and is something that is worth considering when selling your home.  No doubt you have probably seen programmes on TV about home staging, or read articles in a home or lifestyle magazine.  It can add significant value to the right properties, if it is done correctly and by a professional.

So, what exactly is home staging?

The purpose of home staging is to flatter the property without going overboard.  It’s not something that everyone finds easy – hence, leave it to the professionals.  They know exactly what to do and can see beyond the daily clutter and chaos.  They maximise every space in your home and increase the saleability.  It’s a no-brainer!

Here’s how: –

A ‘staged’ property means brilliant online photos

When marketing a property, one of the most critical things to get right are the photographs.  You wouldn’t sell your car without cleaning it up and making it look like new; it’s exactly the same with your home.  When potential buyers are trawling through the hundreds of property photos on Rightmove, they will only click on the ones that grab their attention.  Fantastic photos mean more clicks, which mean more viewings, which means a higher chance of the sale you want.  It can speed up the time it takes to sell your home.

They are experts at drawing attention to ‘wow’ features, and hiding flaws

A professional home stager will wander around your home and take an objective look at every single room – something that is hard to do as the home owner.  We see our homes every day and can lose sight of their potential.  They will immediately know how to ‘sell’ your property by drawing attention to the ‘wow’ features, and taking attention away from the less attractive features, for example, a dark room may need a complete lighting overhaul.  They will maximise the space for maximum profit.

Useable spaces will be created from weird or quirky areas

Most houses have areas or rooms which don’t serve any purpose, or don’t have an identity.  Your home stager will immediately know how to create a feature or use for these areas, for example, a disused corner could be used as a ‘reading corner’ or a computer area.

A stager will create a certain mood / ambiance

Lives are busy with families, jobs and friends – not all of us have the time or the energy to keep our homes looking loved and cared for.  We forget just how great our home can look.  We become complacent.  A home stager will turn a house into a home again.  They will add the correct lighting, soft furnishings and finishing touches to create comfort and warmth. They will turn it into a relaxing and inviting haven.

A professional home stager can give you an excellent return on your investment

Professional home staging can most definitely be a worthwhile investment, provided you do your research and find a ‘highly recommended’ stager, or one with a proven track record and references.  Ask to see previous work, and some ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos.  Ask for a free home consultation to find out if they are the right person for you.

How much does professional home staging cost?

This very much depends on the level of service, the size of your property and the experience and reputation of the home stager.  Some charge a set fee and will give you an upfront price; others may charge by the hour, or by square meterage.  We recommend that you ask for a set price to avoid any hidden costs or extras.

What are your thoughts on home staging?  Do you think it is worthwhile?  Have you ever hired a home stager? What was the outcome?  Did it help sell your home?  We would love to hear your stories and opinions…

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