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What are your house plans for 2018 or 2019?

Can we offer you a coffee and a chat?

Are you thinking about moving over the next couple of years? Are you wondering whether the time is right to move house? Perhaps you are considering home improvements but don’t know whether it will increase the value of your home? Whatever your query about property, read on and find out how we can help you……

We hope you have had a fantastic start to 2018 and like us, are looking forward to what the year ahead may bring.
As a local estate agent, we have a genuine interest in the local housing market and the local residents, namely you!

We would like to challenge the way you think about estate agents. Most of us consider them to be someone we visit when we are either selling or buying a house…….am I right? It is, after all, our job to do exactly that.

But have you ever considered the fact that your local estate agent is a fountain of knowledge about pretty much anything to do with the property industry?

We are not just your typical estate agent. We don’t want our only contact with our customers to be at the point when they decide to sell or buy. We would like to be there for you on the whole journey, right from when that first ‘spark’ or idea enters your head…….

Perhaps you are just beginning to think about starting a family over the next few years? We can chat to you about what you might need from a property.

Maybe you know you want to move in the next couple of years, but would like to improve your current property to achieve a higher price? We can advise you on what is likely to increase the value of your home.

Are you considering replacing your current kitchen or bathroom? We know exactly what clients look for and what helps to sell a house…… let us help you decide on a budget and style that will not only please you, but also add value to your property.
Are you a landlord, or thinking of becoming one? We can help you by giving you advice on what type of property will rent in this area. Maybe you want to look at the viability of renting out your current house to buy another? Let us help you over a coffee.

You may be sitting at home thinking to yourself, ‘I’d love to move house, but no one will buy this house – it needs far too much doing to it’. Give us a call and we will come and chat to you over a coffee. Let us have a look at your house and give you honest advice about what is worth spending on and what is fine to leave be.

If you are currently in rented accommodation and are thinking about buying your first home, even if you are a year or two away from saving up the necessary deposit, pop in and have a chat with us….. we can go over everything with you and explain the process of buying your first home; that way, you have the knowledge to make the best decisions.

Are you at a crossroads in your life and wondering whether to move house or stay put? You may just want someone to chat to who will listen and help you decide what is the best direction for you. Is it the right time or should you wait another couple of years?

Let us help you…

We want to meet you and help you make those important decisions.

Remember, we simply love property……….we live and breathe property every day.
Send us an email at annabellejardine-jones@onthemove.net or give us a call on 0161 871 7071

We are not just here to sell and buy houses….. we are here to help you make the right decisions for you.

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