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How long to put my house on the market?

Many people ask me ‘how quickly you can get my house on the market?’, we understand that once you have made the decision to sell your home that you may think that the most important thing is to get it on Rightmove as quickly as possible.  Some agents will even take the photographs at the valuation, they bring their camera and the presumption that you will instruct them there and then.  They will whip out their iPhone or digital camera at best and take the pictures promising to get your home listed within 24 hours of your meeting.

We believe that taking time and consideration to produce our beautiful brochures really will benefit you and your house sale in the long run.  It takes us longer than 24 hours and sometimes a lot longer to ensure the marketing of your home is perfect and displays your property to its true potential.

We will take you through each element of how we put together your unique brochure, how it all fits together and why our obsession with how each page looks  explains why we don’t rush in brining you home to market.  It can take a few weeks to pull it all together, but it’s certainly worth the wait.


Some agents will have had some training on how to use their camera and others will use a ‘professional’, and often charge extra for this service.  We often receive comments from clients and viewers that they know that when a property is marketed it is ‘one of ours’ due to the stand out photography.


The first stage of developing your unique brochure is preparing for the photographs.  We think carefully about what lifestyle your home offers and the type of client which would be attracted and we try to demonstrate this with lifestyle photography – champagne and strawberries on a sunny terrace, or the table set for a formal dinner.

Twilight Images

We are developing our expertise with twilight images, it takes patience and dedication to capture that perfect moment.  The lights and lamps are lit and then we wait for the ideal time to show your home when the light drops and creates that amazing shot of your property in the twinkling dusk.  As potential buyers scroll through Rightmove a twilight really does stop them in their tracks and make them want to see more.

Aerial Photography

Our photographer takes her time to capture your home to perfection, however there is nothing like seeing your property from the air and how it sits in its gardens.  An aerial can also show the surrounding area, the approach to the house and any key points of interest .

Home Styling

Some properties need a little extra help when being prepared for market, perhaps one of the reasons the current owners are moving is that they have fallen out of love with their home.  It is our job to help viewers fall start to fall in love with the property when they see the photographs.

If requested we will make suggestions to owners of how they can improve their property to increase their chances of achieving a sale for the maximum amount they can in the shortest time.  This can sometimes include decorating a room or two or perhaps replacing a red carpet for a more neutral colour.

At the photography appointment we will bring a selection of staging items depending on the property and whether we need to give it a helping hand.  These can include adding texture with cushions and throws, a spot of twinkle with candles around the bath or a lamp or two to brighten up a dark spot.

If you having already moved on and your home is empty we can stage using inflatable  beds which are dressed to impress, small kitchen items to brighten up the worktops and  a chair or two in the living room, for more details of this service please give us a call on 0161 871 7071.


You will read many property descriptions which read the same, there is a whole list of room dimensions and they go and on, often repeating themselves describing each room with a radiator and plug socket.  These descriptions could be describing any house!  Our descriptions are written by a professional copywriter and they talk about what it is like to live in your home rather than just the bricks and mortar.

“Wend your way up from Gee Cross to the brow of prestigious West Park, where you find yourself in front of swathe of closely clipped lawn, lined with spring-green hornbeams standing sentinel by the boundary fence. Pull up along the sweeping driveway leading to a sizeable double garage, in which your car can safely hibernate during the snowy winter months. 

Welcome, come inside! Stepping into the entrance hall, feel the sense of light surround you. Ahead, light filters in through the glazed wall, comprised of individual bricks with a bubble texture, such a quirky and innovative feature – a definite wow factor for visiting friends. Standing before the glazed brick work is your impressive oak staircase, skilfully crafted and timeless.”

Bespoke Sale Board

If your property is unique, it deserves a unique for sale board.  A sale board is know in the industry as a marketing tool for the agency rather than for your house   At the On The Move we use bespoke for sale boards to market your home and not us.  These are designed professionally and make your home stand out from the crowd. By using an internal/twilight or rear garden view the board is showing some great features of the house which you cannot see from the front.  Potential buyers still drive by to look for properties and very often drive past to check out where they are going if they are booked in for a viewing.

Magazine Brochure

When you ring an agency for a brochure you will likely get one of two answers:

  • You can download it off Rightmore, we don’t send out hard copies
  • We will print the particulars off Rightmove which are produced by their management system and send them to you

We believe that your home deserves a unique magazine style brochure which is designed specifically for your home; the brochure is developed with your ideal buyer in mind.  The copy has been written by a professional copy writer and the pictures carefully crafted by the photographer.  The brochure will feature a range of additional pictures which are not available on Rightmove.  The pdf is attached to Rightmove with beautiful printed copies available to send out to interested parties and handed to viewer as they arrive for them to keep, and review at the end of their day.  Most viewers will be viewing a number of properties and having a beautifully crafted brochure is the perfect reminder of why they should be a second viewing or make an offer.

If you want to hear more about why it takes us a little longer to get your house on the market please give us a call and Annabelle will come out and see you with pleasure.

Telephone: 0161 871 7071
Email: annabellejardin-jones@onthemove.net 

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