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Keep your home safe whilst on holiday

Are you heading off on holiday in the next few weeks?, are you a landlord looking to give your tenants some advice about how to keep their home safe whilst they are away?

We have some top tips to help you think about keeping your home safer whilst you are relaxing by the sea, walking up a mountain or swimming in the pool at center parcs.


Think about your social media activity just before going away or even on the way to the airport – Annabelle checked in at Manchester Airport on Facebook would maybe give a clue away that you are off on your jollies!

Endless pictures on Instagram of the sunbed and gorgeous views – probably not the best idea. This also applies to your children, I would say teenagers but I suspect that 10/11 year olds need including in that category. They probably don’t understand that telling the world you are going to Disney for two weeks is not the best idea in the world.

Try to remember to cancel any deliveries that you might have:
• Newspapers, milk and even the window cleaner. Ask a neighbor or a friend to collect any free newspapers or the papers you have forgotten to cancel and the post. One suggestion if you have a porch is to place a box in a discreet corner which a neighbour pops you r post in, it makes it easy for the neighbour and means no post is visible from anyone calling at the door. If you do not have a porch ask the neighbour to make sure no post is half hanging out of the letter box.
Ideas for making it look like you are home:
• Try to find someone to take out your bins and bring them in again on the correct day and ensure that they are not left out before you go away.
• Mow your lawn before you go and ask a friend to water your plants so that they don’t die and look un cared for whilst you are away.
• If you are leaving a space on your drive offer it to someone on your road or street, cars coming and going would indicate someone is at home.

General Crime Prevention
• Buy some timers and set them on lamps on the ground and first floors for different times. Timers are relatively cheap to purchase and can be extremely effective when trying to create the illusion that someone is home.
• Look into other devices such as light boxes which create visuals similar to a television, these can also be placed on a timer.
• Do a check on your locks, have your burglar alarm serviced and check your security lights. Does your tenant know how to use the alarm and what the code is? – Lots of people we talk to don’t use the alarm, when you are going away for a period using the alarm is essential.

If you would like further security advice when leaving your home for a period please see, for more tips for landlords and tenants see my blog here for tips for first time landlords.

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