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Moving in time for Christmas

Dare we mention the C word??

If you are thinking that you would like to be in your new home in time for the big day it’s now or never.

Christmas is now less than 14 weeks away – the average time reported for a sale to complete is around 10-12 weeks, so if you have promised the kids a new chimney for Father Christmas to climb down or have invited the extended family for Christmas dinner its time to act!


If you are a buyer active in the market you should be making sure that your finances are in place and that you have the relevant documentation to hand. If you want to make an offer and get things moving quickly you don’t want to be delayed with organising paperwork.  As well as being able to demonstrate that you are financially in a position to proceed, for example your mortgage in principle and proof of deposit, you will need proof of identification (ie  passport or driving licence) and proof of residency such as your council tax bill.  It is also helpful if you have decided which solicitor will be acting for you, paperwork from solicitors can sometimes take a while to complete so having everything to hand will save precious time.


If you are selling then you need to have everything ready for your solicitor to speed up the process in case you get an offer that you are willing to accept. Gathering all the documents you need for a sales pack can sometimes take a few weeks, putting all this in place whilst you are looking for your buyer can certainly help. Some of the things you will need include:

  • Property Deeds
  • Gas safety records
  • Electrical records
  • Building certificates and or planning permission for any work that has been completed

It is often a good idea to instruct your solicitor and ask for the property information forms so these can be completed as well, it often comes as a shock when the pack arrives from the solicitor and it falls through the letter box with a thud!, don’t be surprised at the amount of paperwork there will be.

If you are at the stage of instructing an estate agent let them know your timescales and discuss with them the best strategy to get your home sold in the most efficient way. If you really want to be settled in your new home for Christmas perhaps ask them to realistically price your home for a quick sale.

Once you have a buyer confirmed and have a date for exchange start looking at removal companies: with this being a busy time with a deadline to meet companies can get booked up.  You should also check the latest date that your particular solicitor is using for completions to take place as this can vary.

You should also start to de-clutter and get the packing boxes ready, not the easiest time of year to start thinning out the house, you might need Santa to be on a strict quote in terms of number of presents or a bigger van might be needed.

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