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Shall I put my house on the market before Christmas?

Here’s why we think you should…

If you are thinking of putting your house on the market and are wondering whether now a good time is, or whether you should wait till the New Year read on…

So, there are many schools of thought about the best time to sell your home and sometimes it will depend on your personal circumstances and the type of home you live in.

Let’s start with some statistics about why if you are considering waiting till the New Year you should press ahead and start preparations to hit the market over the festive period.

  • According to Rightmove their page views dramatically increase straight after Christmas with over 1.6 million views on Boxing Day and huge 3.3 million visits on New Years’ Day,
  • To be found in one of these searches and have your property visible to these millions of pairs of eyes your property needs to be on Rightmove and ready to be sold.
  • Over this period, you often find buyers are who are more motivated. If buyers are willing to come out to view properties in the cold and wet and leave their Christmas shopping to another time, they are obviously serious about finding the perfect home.
  • These buyers are more likely to be in a position, to buy both financially and mentally and ready to make the most significant purchase that they will probably make.
  • At other times of the year there tends to be lots of window shoppers and people wondering whether they are going to leap into the market and viewers who have their property on the market who are not actually sold.
  • As some people are put off by being on the market over the festive period there are not as many properties on the market which gives buyers less choice meaning your home will have less competition.

Launching your property

Here at On The Move we want to launch your property with maximum effect, taking care and effort to make sure that it is presented at its best The marketing strategy needs to put together to ensure we sell your home in the quickest possible time and for the best possible price. The perfect launch can take up to 3 weeks, the professional photography and styling, if your property needs can mean that if you only start to think about selling post-Christmas that it will be early February before your property gets to market.

Social Media

We will be on hand to make sure we focus on your property ensuring it gets the maximum exposure over the festive period. Live Facebook videos, showcase’s and gorgeous Instagram pictures. All these things get more people looking at your property and increasing your chances of selling quickly and for the maximum price.

Other things to consider

Christmas Decorations

If you make the decision to go on the market, either keep your decorations in their box until after the photographs or keep them to one room and make sure you keep them tasteful and in line with your home décor.

If you have an amazing tree it might just make someone want to by your home, just make sure it’s not too big for the room.

Always make sure your agent is willing to come back and re-take the photographs, you don’t want Christmas pictures on Rightmove after the festive period. This can seriously affect your properties marketing and will immediately show people how long you have been on the market.

If you are already on the market and are accepting viewings over Christmas the same applies, make sure your decorations match your style and do not over crowd rooms. Clutter should be kept at a minimum where possible.

Do not disturb Policy

You can hit the market and not take viewings till the New Year. If you have plans over Christmas with visiting family and friends or you are worried about making your home ‘viewer ready’ and you do not want to be disturbed over the festive period we can get your property to market, take enquiries and book viewings for early January.

Christmas Viewings

Our team will be available to do your viewings as usual over the Christmas period, so you don’t need to be worried that you will have to do your own viewings. We will be hand to sweep up the pine needles and tidy away the last mince pie. How lovely that the potential new owners will see how cosy and Christmassy your home can be.

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