fbpx 10 Styling Tips To Help Sell Your Home This New Year

Styling Tips To Help Sell Your Home This New Year

You have probably heard people tell you that you need to style your home for sale before you put it on the market, but what does that actually mean? We have put together 10 fantastic styling tips to get you started and make your home buyer ready.

1. Kerb Appeal

Make sure your home stands out from all the rest. The first thing potential buyers see is your front door – paint it or at the very least clean it!

Jet wash the drive or step and give the front entrance some curb appeal. A hanging basket or two really set off the entrance, even in winter pansies add colour and brighten up the dreariest of November days.

Add a striking door mat, it will provide a warm welcome as well as encourage your viewers to wipe their feet. If you have outside lights make sure they are on, they can make a home look more inviting, and show buyers to see the property they’re hoping to purchase.

2. Deep Clean

Give your home a really good clean – make everything sparkle from the windows, the floors to the surfaces in your kitchen. One area which people tend to struggle with is windows, ensure that inside and out are fit for a king! – If you struggle with streaks why not ask your window cleaner to do the insides as a special one off, he might give you some tips for next time you tackle them.

Have a think about areas which you would want to see looking fresh and bright: kitchens and bathrooms – especially surfaces, the oven and hob and grout around the bath. Give the grout a really good scrub, you can buy grout re-fresher from B&Q which can be used on floors and wall tiles.

As you are working round your home, ensure that all the bulbs are working; there is nothing worse than fittings with bulbs missing.

3. Have a good sort out!

Ensure that you have a really good sort out! Clutter creates many illusions in people’s minds: Such as your home is lacking in storage, the property is too small, or the house is dirty and not well looked after.

If you are struggling for space you need to make sure your potential buyers do not see that, also remember that viewers may well look in cupboards/wardrobes, make sure everything does not come tumbling out on top of them!

Some ideas to help are:
• Have a car boot sale and sell some of the kids toys or old clothes and make some money
• Ask a relative to borrow a garage or shed for a few months and store the excess baggage
• Pay a professional to sort it for you, they will even sell some of it on eBay for you

As a last resort pile some of the kids’ toys in your car well in advance of the planned viewing time to create space and not a look of a piled high play room!

4. Dress to Impress

Having sorted out the clutter you do need to strike a balance between a lovely homely feel and a stark clinical look. Have fresh flowers dotted around the house, some lemons and limes in a bowl on the kitchen worktop and light the odd candle or two. A few key elements will give your home that extra appeal.

Use only perfect personal possessions. It is important that anything left out is in pristine condition, gorgeous fluffy white dressing gown; if your gown is looking a little shabby hide it away! Make sure your towels are spotless and remember to empty the bins.

5. Think about your Style

You may need to look at reigning in your style a little. If you are a little bohemian for example this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, you want your potential purchasers to be able to imagine themselves and their lifestyle in your home.

6. Re-organise your Furniture

If you are advertising your home as a three bedroom, you need to make sure all three rooms are set as bedrooms and not as an office or study for example. Some people cannot see that you will fit all the required bedroom ‘items’ in if its currently set up to be used in a different capacity.

If a dining room or space is in the particulars, make sure a room or space is set as one. Style your dining table appropriately; use family props if you are aiming for family purchasers or classy champagne flutes and bubbly for an entrepreneurial couple.

Should you have a room like me that is a bit of a dumping ground, you need to get stuck in to transform it into a neat and useful space, one which potential buyers will want to see. Your hard work should have a big pay off.

Show how to use awkward spaces: make an office under the stairs, or put shelving to fill an usual gap, a window seat makes a fabulous feature and can hide an ugly radiator or window cill.

7. A lick of paint?

Have a think about your decor, does your home need a fresh lick of paint? Many of us do not realise – me included, how long it has been since your freshened up the paintwork around the house. If you cannot face the whole house, have a look round and see where you can make the biggest difference.

I would seriously think about the hallway – did you know 2 out of 5 people make up their mind whether they are going to buy from the hallway? (according to Rightmove)
So make sure it bright and airy, with a fresh lick of paint and a light fitting to set off the room. (please make sure all the bulbs are working!)

8. Pets

Many of us love our furry friends – me included but when it comes to selling your home I am afraid they need to take a back seat!

Make sure all rugs and carpets are cleaned and be extra vigilant when running the hoover round before a viewing. Your pet may also need to get to be pampered at the parlour, give them a treat and take them to get a trim and shampoo.

You also need to make sure that any pet paraphernalia is hidden away: beds, toys, bowls and much loved toys.

and don’t forget…..smells!, you may not be able to smell it yourself. Ask a trusted friend or relative to give you an honest opinion. An extra plug in or two won’t break the bank, and remember to light those fragrant candles an hour or so before the viewing to ensure your home is smelling sweet.

9. Gardens

Don’t forget your garden! Many viewers will be interested in the outside space as well as the inside. Use what you have to your best advantage even the smallest of spaces can be made to look pretty and inviting.

Plant up some tubs with either winter or summer plants to add colour and interest. Make sure your grass is cut in time for viewings and tidy up the edges to give a clean tidy look.
You can even dress a pretty bench with cushions and a throw, cut some fresh flowers for a basket or drag out the picnic basket and set out on the grass.

10. Think seasonally

The spring is a great time to blow away the cobwebs and start the spring cleaning; daffodils make fabulous props and are as cheap as chips.

In the winter months take advantage of the cosy vibe, light your fires to create a fabulous ambience and make sure all your lamps are shining brightly. Ensure your heating has been on, but don’t make it too hot that your viewers can’t wait for some fresh air!

Make sure your garden is in great shape for the summer, drag out the furniture and give it a good clean, make sure the cushions haven’t gone mouldy and try to make sure your grass if you have it is lush and green.

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