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Three Reasons To Support Our Local Sports Clubs, Arts Groups & Events

In this three-minute read, we look at why our sports clubs, arts groups and events in Romiley, Woodley, Gee Cross and surrounding areas are so crucial to our communities.  

It was a sad and sorry sight when clubhouses, theatres, church halls and local events were mothballed during the lockdown. Places that once buzzed with activity sat empty; the groups who once occupied them hit for six by social distancing rules.

But we’re glad to see many sports clubs are up and running again – albeit with a long list of new health and safety rules to follow, and it looks like am-dram groups will be able to meet in person again soon and local music festivals and will soon be back rocking in the area.

Here are three reasons why these things are so crucial to local communities and why we all should support them.

1. They help battle the bulge

In a perfect world, we all would have emerged from lockdown with guns like Serena Williams and buns like Joe Wicks. But for many of us (excuse us while we cough sheepishly), it didn’t happen. We ate more and exercised less.

The trend was particularly startling among young people. A study* of children and teens in Verona, Italy, found that during lockdown they ate more (an additional meal per day), slept more and spent an extra five hours a day on screens. The only thing that decreased was physical activity – down by more than two hours per week.

Grassroots sports clubs play an essential role in the physical well-being of the nation. In the UK there are 150,000 sports clubs with eight million regular participants. They help build social bonds and play a vital role in the fight against obesity.

We have some fantastic grassroots sports clubs in our area to get involved with – Romiley, Woodley and Bredbury St Marks Cricket Clubs, Hyde Cricket & Squash Club, Greave Tennis Club, Bredbury Fit Club, Woodley Albion Junior Football Club and Hyde United Juniors to name a few.

2. Cultural contribution

Some people are snobbish about amateur dramatics, but we’re not too proud to say we find Widow Twankey swanky.

Am-dram brings people together and makes theatre accessible and affordable to all. Many people’s introduction to the theatre will come via a trip to their local panto.

There are about 2,500 am-dram groups associated with the National Operatic and Dramatic Association and many more smaller community arts groups in the UK. They deserve our support.

As well as providing entertainment, they help many people develop their artistic talents. Some like Dame Judi Dench, Sir Ben Kingsley and Keira Knightley go on to become household names. Those who don’t wind up in the West End or Hollywood still gain confidence and social skills.

We’re hoping we’ll see the likes of NK Theatre Arts, Hyde Little Theatre and Romiley Little Theatre back up and running again soon.

Another fantastic contribution to our local community is the ‘Made In Manchester’ music festival held in Romiley each year – a great day out for family and friends and helps boost local businesses and supports local bands, artists and DJs, giving them a platform to play in front of a large outdoor audience. Following government announcements last week it looks like we could all be enjoying a day of LIVE music this September!

Made In Manchester Festival, Romiley

3. Mental health boost

There’s plenty of evidence that taking part in physical activity can have a profound and positive impact on mental well-being. Being physically active can improve mood, decrease the chance of depression and anxiety and lead to a better and more balanced lifestyle.

Research published by the Royal Society found that singing improves mental health and well-being. This is because when we sing, feelgood hormones called endorphins and the “cuddle hormone” oxytocin are released.

Music has long been key to helping people manage their mental and emotional health, but a new study by behavioural science professor Patrick Fagan and the wireless company O2 — which coordinates concert series around the world — found that attending a live music show every two weeks might actually help people live longer.

Here are three simple ways you can support local groups.

  • Help promote local sports clubs and teams online by giving them a mention on social media.
  • Commit to buying a ticket for your local music festival or the first round of your local drama group’s performances when showtime comes around again.
  • Get involved. One thing Covid-19 has taught us all is that life is precious, and this isn’t a dress rehearsal or a warm-up. Why not volunteer to coach at a local sports club or to help out at a local theatre or art group?

Here at On The Move Property Boutique, we’re proud to be part of the local community and are happy to support in any way we can. 




*Study by the University at Buffalo, New York.

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