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Winter Viewings Tips

Selling your home in the winter has its advantages as well as disadvantages, there are always ways in which you can improve the chances of selling your home even when it’s cold and frosty.


When you are having your professional pictures taken, don’t worry if the sun doesn’t shine ask your agent to come back on another day to take your external shots, no one wants to look at a rain-soaked picture! Your property should have a bright and sunny picture, the winter sun can give your property a real glow.

When the viewings start to roll in, always ensure your front door and windows are clean and give the window cleaner a festive tip for that extra shine.

During the winter, it’s hard to have your garden looking its best but buying a couple of pots and filling them with winter pansies will add lovely colour.

The big day itself

Viewings during the winter are always a little more difficult to organise with the shorter days and darker nights. If possible, always try and organise a time when there is enough light to see the viewing through to the end.  Make sure you have any outside lights on and there are no bulbs missing around the house.

If its frosty or snowy outside, make sure you clear the path to the front door, and maybe even to the car if there’s space available, showing your viewers some appreciation and care.  This gives a safe passage for your viewers and makes your home look well maintained.

Leaves can be a slipping hazard, so keep paths free and swept, as well as making sure they are not blocking any gutters or drains.

If you have a real fire or woodburner, make sure you light it before your viewers arrive. If your agent does your viewings, give them a lesson on how to do it. It’s always much more welcoming to arrive in a warm and cosy home, as well as showing off a lovely feature of your home. If you leave your central heating on low it will always mean your house is a nice temperature and not too hot that your viewers can’t stand the heat and want to leave!

Also make sure whoever if doing the viewing wears over-shoes to avoid muddy footprints on the Axminster!

If your Christmas decorations are still up, make sure people can still see the size of the rooms and always switch on the tree lights for that extra sparkle.

We hope you liked our winter viewing tips.

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