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Your Rightmove Performance Report

Your house has been photographed, the description written and your ‘For Sale’ board is up. Your house is probably also on one or two of the big advertising portals such as Rightmove or Zoopla.
You may have had a flurry of viewings initially and if you were not lucky enough to sell at that point, maybe it has died off to just one every once in a while…..then one in a blue moon.

You may then be asking yourself “what is my estate agent actually doing?” and it is probably only a matter of time before they approach you to discuss a price reduction.

What you need to know is the information regarding how your property is performing and Rightmove can provide an insight into this on their performance report. You may have never heard of this or have no idea what it is, or maybe your estate agent has shown this to you but didn’t explain what it means.

Your agent may have been sending you the reports on a regular basis, but you would like to know how to improve the scores.

Whichever ever one of these bests describes you; this guide should help you understand the report, what the statistics mean and how you can improve them and ultimately sell your home faster.
The report gives some different pieces of information which demonstrates:

  1. How well your property is ‘performing’ in terms of the number of times people click to see ‘further details’
  2. How that compares with the performance of that agent’s other properties
  3. How your number compares with what Rightmove consider to be similar properties

You can see your views for the previous week, fortnight or 30 days, 60 days or since your home was first visible on Rightmove.

There is a direct correlation between the views your property generates and the number of viewings which will be booked. It is therefore really important that this number remains as high as possible especially when your home first goes on the market. When your home first goes on the market this is the best chance of an early good offer and you can be ‘On The Move’ before you know it.

If your property is not performing as well as other properties the agent has listed, or even more importantly other ‘similar’ properties it is time to ask your agent to make some changes to your advertisement.

What we do first is re-write the headline, Rightmove gives a notification to the agent if your advert hasn’t been changed in a while, so its really easy to spot which ones require a tweak.
We find that if a Rightmove advertisement is refreshed the number of viewings will go up and can even generate phone calls for viewings.

Updating your Rightmove advert is very simple: the easiest quick change is refresh and change your front photograph which is the one that everyone sees whilst they are scrolling through the pages. Ask your agent to try that as a starting point to see if it results in any new interest.

If you agent comes straight to you to discuss price, first ask them if your marketing can be improved at all. Here at On the Move we always look for ways to improve your marketing, then the presentation and if all else fails we will then discuss a price drop with you.

We have had a number of owners who come to us that are struggling to sell their homes, the only suggestion that there current agent makes is dropping the price and this maybe for a second or even a third time. With a fresh look at the marketing and sometimes presentation we have been able to encourage viewings from completely new buyers and this has often resulted in a sale.

So if you have not yet seen your Rightmove report or haven’t understood it fully, give your agent a call and ask for an up to date report, if this is not forth coming or they cannot explain it to you, you may want to think about looking for a new agent.

Your property performance on Rightmove is extremely important, we are in the age where the majority of buyers are looking for their next home on line and you need to be informed in order to make decisions about your move.

If you fancy a chat give us a call and we can offer you some advice.
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